Convert CSV to GeoJSON

Convert CSV to GeoJSON file easily for free. Input csv data or upload file and configure CSV parsing options and then do any optional data transformation to get the geojson file
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Free Online CSV to GeoJSON Converter Tool

How to convert CSV files to GeoJSON File?

Using this free web tool, you can easily convert your CSV data to GeoJSON file.

  • First input the data using copy pasting data directly or uploading file or pasting a direct file URL in respective tabs.
  • You can set csv parsing options depending on your content.
  • Click Parse
  • You can also do some data transformation, change output options as per your need.
  • If everything is correct then use Save button to download CSV file or Copy to Clipboard which you paste in your editor.

What file formats does this CSV to GeoJSON converter support?

This tool supports almost any text file with a common delimiter to separate values. Make sure to input parse options correctly. For URL input, the server must have Access-Control-Allow-Origin header set to all.

What about my data?

This is a web based tool. All data extraction/conversion is done in the browser itself.