Prefix & Suffix Text Adder Online Tool

Add prefix or suffix to your text easily
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Append & Prepend string to text

How to add prefix or suffix to text or file

  1. Copy and Paste your main text. You can also choose to upload a file or enter remote url
  2. Then add required prefix or suffix in respective boxes.
  3. Click on Show Output button to check preview.
  4. If satisfied you can copy to clipboard or download as .txt file.

Uses of this Tool

  • you can add commas, dots, colons, brackets etc.
  • add line numbers (Coming Soon).
  • add missing words.


Suppose you enter a list of names:

Robbin Maffei
Dorotha Iriarte
Lavelle Russ
Carlita Spahn
Georgann Speidel
Elvina Bement

you can choose Hi as prefix & ! as suffix. Then the generated output becomes:

Hi Robbin Maffei!
Hi Dorotha Iriarte!
Hi Lavelle Russ!
Hi Carlita Spahn!
Hi Georgann Speidel!
Hi Elvina Bement!